One of the highlights of Puuinfo wood architecture tour in Austria.

Suburb of London, Hackney, has made political decisions to systematically increase the wood construction share in order to tackle climate change. The best examples of multistorey apartment buildings and public buildings can be found from close distance in this developing area.

There are new and old, stone and wood-frame, modern and traditional churches in Finland that represent the variety of wood usage, each church in its own way.
This church in Central Finland in Tyrvää is a unique example in the combination of the above.
Saint Olav's church was originally built before year 1520.
Its latest reconstruction was finalized in 2000, after an arson attack in 1997.
In Milan this summer, two wood constructions, first the landmark,second the French pavilion.
This one  stunning staircase greets employees as well as visitors when they enter the atrium as the Big lebowski would say " it ties the room together"